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Mediation: What Is It?

Family mediation is a process for addressing conflicts that develop prior to, during, or following separation or divorce. Additionally, it might be beneficial to avert potential difficulties.

Mediation is a voluntary procedure that allows you and your spouse to discuss your challenges, hopes, worries, and needs in the company of a trained family mediator. This, in turn, can help minimise antagonism and increase the likelihood of the parties developing a long-term healthy communication relationship.

Mediation in Financial Matters - Divorce

Are you divorcing or separating? Do you require assistance in resolving financial concerns such as property, pensions, assets, and debts? We can assist you in reaching arrangements that are acceptable to both of you and allow you to continue living your lives.

Family mediation may assist you in resolving financial issues including your property, pensions, assets, and any obligations. Mediation provides a great chance to address issues amicably.

Meetings for Information and Assessment on Mediation (MIAMs)

A MIAM is the initial phase in the Family Mediation process; it is an appointment with the mediator who will be assisting you at Tenn Mediators.

It is frequently referred to as a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting and is something that you must attend, unless in some unusual circumstances, before considering bringing an application to the family court for any family matter.

Online Mediation

Tenn Mediators specialises in assisting you in planning for the future following separation or divorce by facilitating agreements about child custody, property division, and financial settlements.

Because mediation is always best conducted in person, we are now doing virtually all of our mediation appointments online, typically via Zoom. We are situated in Somerset and are able to conduct face-to-face appointments in our office for customers who live in the Somerset area.

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We are Family Mediation Specialists and offer both online and in-person mediation.

Tenn Mediators specialises in assisting you in planning for the future following separation or divorce by facilitating agreements about child custody, property division, and financial settlements. https://familymediationchoice.co.uk/

With over 80 years of combined experience in mediation, our team of professionally experienced family mediators ensures that you receive the finest service possible from professionally qualified family mediators. We think that you should preserve decision-making authority between you.

We understand the difficulties that separated or separating parents face, and we are here to assist you in navigating them together. We offer a private and unbiased family mediation service from our office in Somerset, covering Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, and Dorset. Online appointments are offered throughout the United Kingdom.

At Tenn Mediators Somerset, we think that most individuals, when given the proper assistance and chance, are capable of resolving their own problems and any challenges. https://mediationeurope.net/

Tenn Mediators Somerset is a family mediation firm that specialises in assisting parents or those without children who are separated, divorcing, or separating to resolve practical difficulties such as scheduling access to children and addressing any financial issues in a way that works for everyone.

You may choose to mediate on any or all of the following topics:-

  • Arrangements for children, such as where they will live and how they will spend time with their parents/or extended family, sometimes referred to as child contact or residency.
  • How both parents may provide the best possible financial and emotional support for their children
  • Refusal or opposition by a child to spend time with one of their parents
  • Divorcing spouses that want aid in resolving financial issues such as property, pensions, and maintenance without incurring the high cost of solicitors
  • Assist grandparents in making arrangements to spend time with their grandkids.
  • Mediate amongst other family members when connections and communication have broken down.

In Somerset, we also specialise in Child Inclusive Mediation, which means that we are professionally certified and registered to mediate cases involving children.

We want to guarantee that children, adolescents, and their families stay at the centre of all choices affecting them. We understand and feel that you will appreciate our belief that parents are most equipped to make decisions for their children.

Family mediation is a genuine opportunity to establish a path ahead that leaves you, the parents, in control of the choices and avoids the need for unpleasant, expensive, and protracted court processes wherever feasible.

It is never too late to seek mediation, even if you have already filed a court application.

Our mediation services are now accessible ONLINE for MIAMS and mediations related to the COVID-19 situation. To learn more about how we set this up for you, go here. http://www.directoryofmediators.com/

We are now able to conduct online mediation throughout the country, but due to our location in Somerset, the majority of our clients have come from Somerset, Totnes, Newton Abbott, Okehampton, Saltash, Liskeard, Exeter, Bristol, Weston Super Mare, and Taunton, as well as other areas throughout Devon and Cornwall, Somerset, and Bristol. To reserve an MIAM, please contact us.

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